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P Diddy

P Diddy unveils biggest ever listing in New York Times Square to launch her new fragrance - With images Jody Thompson, 25/11/2008 P Diddy opened a huge new billboard advertisement of himself in New York famous Times Square - thought to be the largest ever to hang there.
26.11.08 10:53

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul a fan who was found dead in a car near the home of Los Angeles has admired pop star was remembered in Maine by family members who say he struggled with depression and eating disorders as he pursued his dream of stardom. Waterville native Sandra McIntyre May, which changed its name to Paula Goodspeed, was ridiculous beyond its hearing not for American Idol. Goodspeeds boyfriend, Paul McInnis, said its November. 11, death, the day before 30 years was to have moved back to Maine with his mother. Goodspeeds mother, Sandra McIntyre, said her daughters manic depression deepened after his show business dreams dissipated.
26.11.08 10:53

Stop Making Terrible Vampire Movies

You know what was the only thing to cool the original Underworld? Kate Beckinsale, and no amount of horses and armored Rhona Mitras that will change. We thought all moved from talking about vampires crappy. Don t get me wrong: I loved Rhona Mitra in Doomsday, but his clothing false and ridiculous-muscled capable of wielding the sword in ways Underworld 3 are cringeworthy bad. But you just won t let Hollywood has? Stills from the new Underworld: Rise of the Lycans have emerged and oh my God are a desperate attempt of some medieval vampires giving up their swords and pleather body armor. Or if you fall in love vamps prohibited under the city streets. This is not the vampire movie I want to see, the city where vamps kick ass next to their sect secret Fang friends. I was ready to leave our past Twilight in the past and focus on better bloodsuckers.
26.11.08 10:54

Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay voted his troubled personal life does not stop him from players to a big food event to be held in Birmingham this week. A spokesman for the father of four, aged 42, today insisted that, despite national press reports of problems in his private life, he continues to appear on the BBC Good Food Show citys at the National Exhibition Center tomorrow ..
26.11.08 10:54

Kelly Rowland Rowland Inspired By Beyonce Wedding

The singer admits Survivor had been sidelined the idea of marriage, but witnessing his best friend big day has its does to follow the example. KELLY ROWLAND yearns to marry again after fighting back tears a former bandmate Beyonc Knowles top secret marriage to the beginning of this year (Apr08). Rowland, who shot to fame in destiny Child next Knowles, was a guest Wednesday when Knowles rapper Jay-Z in New York, and the singer, who broke his engagement to American footballer Roy Williams in 2005, is now looking for a man at the wedding.
26.11.08 10:54


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